Erupt through the bar.

Like lava erupting through the mouth out of a volcano, you must generate maximum pressure from down low to accelerate through the top of the rep.
EXPLODE. Lift every rep as fast as you can while still maintaining proper technique... you’ll gain strength much faster if you make a point of lifting each rep as explosively as you can, from the first rep of each set to the last.
Stronger By Science
Focus on accelerating the bar throughout the concentric movement all the way to the top of the lift.
You want to explode out of the hole as if you were trying to jump through the ceiling.
Jeff Nippard
Think of throwing the bar off of your back as you rise. This can help you ascend faster.
Legion Athletics
Be explosive, but always in control. "Being in control" does not mean NOT being aggressive. It often means to slow down, but not to go slow. Be quick, but don't hurry… Every inch you go down in the squat, you're gaining strength and tension. Then come up and explode with everything you have.
Alan Thrall
We need to get the load to stay on the quads... Think about keeping your knees forward as you come up out of the bottom. Now I'm not saying drive your knees forward harder all the way through the lift, but simply don't let them shoot back... Keep some pressure on the front of your foot. Actively drive your toes down as you push up out of the bottom.
Calgary Barbell